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Our guidline prices


Rats/mice control/ removal: £45 per visit 3 visits may be required. Further visits will be charged at £25 per visit.

Squirrels trapping/control: £45 per visit 3 visits may be required. Further visits will charged at £25 per visit.

Wasp/Hornet nest treatment and removal: From £40 first nest all inc, any additional nests £15 with a free recall if required so all work is 100% guaranteed.

Ratting with terriors/ lurchers: £45 per hour this is a very effective way of clearing your rat problem.

Lamping with .22rim fire rifle: This is a very effective way of clearing your Rabbit/Fox problem prices start from £55 per hour.

Mole trapping and control: £60/£150 Depending on size of area.

Rabbit control: £65 per hour using ferrets or shooting, £55 per visit for trapping 3 visits maybe required. Further visits will be charged at £25.

Pigeon control/ Proofing: Using Bird repellent gel for repelling pest pigeons from structures and vegetation, Birds see in UV swo birds will not land on treated areas . This means no holes need to be drilled and no unsightly spikes, This will last upto 2 years



Does your business depend on being pest free?


Our maintenence contracts provide regular visits and inspections to prevent the infestations of pests before the problem starts to spread

Contracts can include treatments against rodents, cockroaches, flies, moles, wasp nests, bird control, squirrels and much more. Our contract Services also offer a Cleaning Down and disinfecting service. Many clients use this service for removing bird feces from signs, cleaning cradles etc.

Our basic Pest Prevention Service consists of:

Please call for other services or custom quotes.


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